Tree Huggers!


East Hardy Middle School 2005-06

The Tree Huggers! worked with Mr. Halterman on environmental projects.  We had guest speakers to talk about forestry and watersheds.  We had a great learning experience.

Tree Planting.  Our class has participated in planting trees for our community.  We did this for two days.  About 40 students were involved in this activity.  We have about 200 hours put into this project.  As we enjoyed this we also had a great learning experience.  First, we mixed the soil; then we filled the pots with it.  After that we planted them into the pots.
Trash Clean Up.  Forty students helped in the trash pick up event at our school.  Volunteers separated us into groups of five.  Each group picked up litter in a different area on the school grounds.  Everyone worked for an hour and a half.  Altogether this would add out to about 60 hours.  We picked up 20 bags of trash and some scrap metal.  This was a very successful experience.
Planting Seeds.  Transplanting seeds was a huge part of our group environmental experience.  Every student played a part in the action.  We were assigned tasks to complete the process of planting seeds.  Several mixed soil, others wrote the labels for the plants, while others cleaned up.  Our hard work has paid off; the seedlings are green and growing.
Recycling.  Our entire class helps with recycling.  We recycle boxes in order for them not to go to waste.  We usually continue with this every Friday afternoon.  Every year our school recycles 1,500 pounds of paper.  This includes 72 hours of volunteer work each semester.  Recycling is an awesome way of helping out the environment.


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