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CTree Projects - Spring 2014

Washington High School

April 12, 2014


The Washington High School FFA, and other community members, planted a mix of shade, flowering, and evergreen trees on their campus on Saturday, April 12th, 2014.. We had 26 volunteers, made up of FFA members, parents, teachers and community members along with Tanner Haid, the CTree Liaison. Tanner Haid flagged the planting site several days before the planting event and a community volunteer used an auger to pre-dig the holes. The trees were picked up the day before the planting and were stored overnight in a covered livestock trailer. The morning of the planting, Dunkin Donuts provided breakfast for all of the volunteers.

At the beginning of the planting, Tanner gave a very informational presentation before the work began and due to the large number of volunteers, the actual planting took about an hour and half. Around 11:30 am, all of the trees had been planted, just in time for the arrival of pizza. Local members of Citizens Fire Company brought the brush truck by to water all of our freshly planted trees. We had a beautiful day for this project and I couldn't have asked for a more simple process to organize and plan this event. Mr. Haid was an excellent resource and was extremely helpful. Plans are in the works to do a similar planting at Citizens Fire Company in the fall and possibly expand our work at the Washington High School campus.

A word from the Project Leader, FFA Teacher Katlin Thorsell:

“My favorite part of this project was seeing my students learning and really enjoying themselves. They seemed to really understand the purpose of this project and they all had a wonderful time. I think it's important to give back to the community and this is definitely something that they will appreciate later down the road.”







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