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CTree Projects - Spring 2014

Blue Ridge Watershed Coalition



Blue Ridge Watershed Coalition (BRWC) planted 24 flowering trees at Moulton Park in Jefferson County, WV on May 3rd, 2014. BRWC took on this project after a similar, and very positive, experience last year at Blue Ridge Primary School. More significantly, it was very much in line with our charter to maintain and enhance the Shenandoah River and the greater watershed. The site is adjacent to the river and is, besides a park, a formal campsite and boat launch site for public as well as commercial use of the river. Consequently, it is subject to damage, erosion and general wear and tear with impact on the river. The weather for the planting was ideal, partly sunny but not too hot.

This phase of the project was meant to enhance the aesthetics of the park by planting three species of flowering trees; serviceberry, redbud and dogwood. A future phase is being considered to reinforce and control erosion of the river bank. Twenty-four trees were planted, half along the road for privacy and the others distributed among the campsites and common areas.

 Twenty-two volunteers formally signed up for the planting on May 3. These were all Jefferson County residents, many were BRWC members and family and some were individuals who learned of the project by word of mouth or from newspaper ads. Six to ten BRWC members volunteered on May 2 to dig the holes.

The tree planting demonstration was a valuable, necessary, much appreciated and essential part of the project.  

A note from the Project Leader, Tom Romero:

“The step by step guidance, instruction and examples made my job as the Project Leader so much easier. From the application process through advertising/recruiting and the actual planting, I always felt I had experienced hands to rely on.”







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