WV Project CommuniTree

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CTree Projects - Spring 2013

City of Ranson

April 2013

The project involved planting of 150 native trees provided through the CommuniTree program, along both sides of the Route 9 paved bicycle trail within the City of Ranson. The goal of the project is to enhance the environmental, aesthetic, and public use functions of the Trail corridor through community based partnerships for tree planting and maintenance.  The species were selected to provide all-season visual interest, wildlife habitat, shade, and effective screening of the highway and adjacent development The central feature of the project was the planting of 81 redbud trees. When mature, the trees will provide a spectacular show of mid-spring blossoms.

The activities during the planting week of April 8 were an impressive demonstration of cooperation,  thanks to the combined support of  the WV CommuniTree Program, the City of Ranson, neighborhood volunteers,  the Eastern Panhandle Trailblazers, our local newspapers, and the especially the students and parents from Harpers Ferry Middle School and the students and staff from the Job Corps.  There were roughly 55 volunteers who participated on project day  The weather also cooperated fully – sunny and warm for the preparations and planting,

The planting and advance preparations involved the following activities, which all took place on time and without incident!

On Wednesday, April 10th, the Ranson Public Works augured the planting holes, delivered the trees and supplies from the nursery to the planting site. Thursday, April 11th was planting day.

Volunteers from the Harpers Ferry Job Corps and Harpers Ferry Middle School received training in tree planting from CTree Liaison Herb Peddicord, Chesapeake Bay Forester with WV Division of Forestry. Reporters from the Spirit of Jefferson and the Martinsburg Journal conducted interviews, took photographs, and subsequently prepared interesting and informative articles on the event. Some of the volunteers also helped bag trash along the project corridor.

A note from the Project Leader, Dr. William Gregg:

I enjoyed working with the CTree Liaison, whose professionalism, commitment, and helpful advice supported every aspect of the project, from early planning to successful planting!”  







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