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CTree Projects - Fall 2012

Paw Paw School  




Paw Paw School planted their 24 native flowering trees on November 26th, 2012. The day turned out to be beautiful, mild weather, followed by several days of rain showers and mild temperatures.  Temperatures for the day ranged from 38 degrees in the morning to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The trees were planted throughout the Paw Paw School campus and included Eastern Redbuds, Serviceberries, and Flowering Dogwoods.  Student volunteers along with several family members and several staff members participated in the tree planting.  Each science class was responsible for planting several trees during their class time.  A total of 80 students, and 7 adults participated in this planting. 4 staff members from the school assisted with the planting, as did several parents.

The goal for this CTree planting was to replace 3 of the trees that did not survive the initial spring 2013 WV Project CommuniTree planting.  The remaining 21 flowering trees were planted along the Route 9 and Mosher Avenue in Paw Paw. It is the school’s hope that as the trees mature they will offer a buffer for sound on our Route 9 side of the campus.

A note from the project leader, science teacher Carole Coryea:

“This is an excellent opportunity to teach ecology, botany, soil science, weather and erosion and the importance of trees as a key part of our environment.  In addition, numerous content standards can be met through problem based projects like WV Project CommuniTree.”







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