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CTree Projects - Fall 2012

Opequon Creek Project Team



Opequon Creek Project Team (OCPT) identified an area in conjunction with their spring WV Project CommuniTree planting where the additional 12 trees could be planted.  This site was along the new Route 9 where it crosses the Opequon.  After postponing the planting from the first plant date due to flooding caused by Sandy we planted on November 12th.  The day was great and we had 11 volunteers with Herb Peddicord (WV-DOF) and Alana Hartman (WV-DEP )there to assist OCPT volunteers.  We had several experienced tree planters as well as several new tree planters, including some scouts and their family and friends.  Herb Peddicord discussed the reason for the planting and the benefits of trees and then asked each of the participants to describe their reason for being there and to relate an early childhood experience with trees.  He then showed everyone how to properly plant the trees and we got to work. 

In order to make sure that these trees continue to grow, OCPT has acquired 12 Gator bags that will be installed next spring to help keep the trees watered.  OCPT recognizes the need for continued maintenance and will work to keep the trees well cared for until they are established and able to take care of themselves.  

A note from the project leader, OCPT volunteer Gary Sylvester:

“As a member of OCPT and our goal of cleaning up the Opequon, I really enjoy planting trees along the river.  It is my way of passing a healthier environment to the next generation.”








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