Tired of setting up poster boards and brochure racks only to be passed by?

Have an unheard environmental education message?

Want a fun and engaging display, but don’t know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Cacapon Institute has the solution just for you..… 

Stream Cleaner Pinball

That’s right, a fully functional, fun, and engaging tool for teaching youth and adults alike about best management practices (BMP’s), stormwater runoff pollution, watersheds, and of course, how to be a pinball wizard like Tommy!

Stream Cleaner Pinball is a real world version of CI's popular virtual Stream Cleaner activity found in Potomac Highlands Watershed eSchool classrooms.  Used by students across the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (really across the country), Stream Cleaner is a game of strategy, where the player tries to clean up a polluted stream by "dragging and dropping" the best combination of land management practices from the "Stream Cleaner Toobox" and clean up the stream ... before you run out of money. 

The Stream Cleaner Pinball game was created by CI, in partnership with Mountain State Maple Company, Miss Emily Art, and The Efts Music, to take Stream Cleaner's lessons on the road.

Stream Cleaner Pinball debuted with a 3-day trial at the Tri-County Fair in Petersburg, West Virginia. Over 100 fair-goers dropped their cotton candy and jumped out of line for the Ferris Wheel to try their luck at Stream Cleaner Pinball. All participants left smiling and wearing an “I’m a Stream Cleaner” button that appropriately features a native Brook Trout. We consider this event, the first of many, a major success for environmental educators Bay-wide.

As environmental educators, Cacapon Institute understands the barriers we all face in trying to engage the public about critical conservation and land-use issues. We also understand and fully support the need for developing partnerships, sharing resources, and working together to achieve all of our mutual goals.

For these reasons, we want to make it clear that Stream Cleaner Pinball is for your organization, your audience, and you.

To use Stream Cleaner Pinball at your fair, conference, camp, or school, email us at Stream Cleaner Pinball or call 304-856-1385.

To learn more about BMP’s and play our online version, click on “Stream Cleaner” on the Middle School's chalkboard.


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